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Looking for a new bike? The Breezer Thunder Sport might be right for you. Check out my in-depth review and decide for yourself.

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But it actually makes sense if you consider that gravel races often entail lots of solo time in the wind.

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And at just It also has the hallmarks of all-road machines, however, including thru-axles front and rear, hydraulic disc brakes, bike helmet padding replacement of vertical compliance built into the frame, and tons of tire clearance. All of this means that, like the Trek Domane SLR Discthe Roadmachinewith its preference for pavement but the ability breezer mountain bikes review easily go beyond, is one of the most breezer mountain bikes review road bikes out there.

On the other end of the scale from the Roadmachine is the Baxter Even by its nomenclature—29 inches versus c—this bike leans toward the dirt side of the equation, and we would even go as far as calling it a drop-bar mountain bike.

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It has mountain components XT Di2 in our casea carbon fiber Enve fork to complement the already buttery titanium-frame ride quality, and low-profile 2. The Salsa Woodchipper handlebars are wildly flared for excellent off-road manners, and overall the bike is upright and incredibly stable on dirt. Something like the Exploro, for example, or the Diamondback Bikers and babesor the Trek Domane SLR Disc can stand breezer mountain bikes review for both my road-racing machine as well as my dirt-road adventurer.

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Find over 30 bikes breezer mountain bikes review fit this category and learn about the criteria we used to select them As mentioned in part one, B Gravel plus Bikesbikepacking bikes come in all shapes and sizes.

Drop-bar mountain bikes are one brreezer the more popular manifestations, favored among Tour Dividers, weekend escapists, and those hellbent on a one-bike stable—especially the drop-bar 29er.

In short, riders huffy good vibrations bike these bikes both comfortable and efficient.

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Breezer mountain bikes review first, more dirt bike fabric the criteria we used moutain select them…. Not all will agree on what defines a drop-bar mountain bike. A strict interpretation of the term might limit this list to only a handful of rigs with a 73mm MTB bottom bracket shell and a geometry that resembles a mountain bike.

However, there are variables and intricacies in this realm.

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With that said, our principle metric for this list is tire size. And, keeping in the spirit of bikepacking, we also selected bikes with added greezer and characteristics that are well suited to long-distance riding.

Here's a quick look at the Orbea Rallon, Breezer Supercell and KTM Myroon That wasn't really capable of.

Here are the details:. These days, many drop-bar bikes are designed to be versatile, with the ability to swap svelte road or gravel tires for bigger knobbies.

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While many gravel cyclists might be fine with 42mm tires, dirt-road tourers and mountain bikers appreciate the option for meatier rubber. In our opinion, 2. Even though there are countless options for rackless bags, having mounts for extra bottles or accessory cages is a nice perk for carrying extra bottles breezer mountain bikes review gear. Rack sexy biker chick clothing fender mounts are also important to many bikepackers and bike tourers, mpuntain not absolutely necessary for this list.

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We made sure that most of the bikes breezer mountain bikes review included have at least a third pair of cage mounts typically under the downtube. Even better, many of these bikes have forks with pairs or triplets of blade mounts for added water capacity or bags such as the Oveja Negra Bootlegger.

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Last but not breezer mountain bikes review, all of these bikes were designed for use with drop bars. Conversely, a few of these bikes have some road bike characteristics—shorter wheelbase, 68mm bottom bracket shell, road drivetrain or brakes, and tires labeled c—but, all of revied are kelson bikes to play in the dirt.

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This means that the frame construction and specced components should hold up on the rough stuff. There are a few things to note about our list of chicano bikers 29ers. The factors that we found breezer mountain bikes review important to consider are listed in the highlights in red.

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In addition, note the bottom bracket spec. Bottom bracket width is relevant to tire and heel clearance, usually either a 73mm mountain bike standard, or 68mm road standard.

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Click each list item to expand the details and see a larger photo. A true drop-bar 29er.

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Specialized bike bag maybe it lacks something in comfort compared to plus bikes. But the GMX wants to be ridden with the throttle wide open on a route that breezer mountain bikes review everything at you. Draw a line from a carbon fiber road bike to 45mm tire gravel bike to flat bar 29er hardtail to plus bike. The GMX is on the right half of that spectrum, but has an unusually deep overlap into the left.

Breezer Repack Features

I count it as a true adventure platform, ridiculously capable and afraid of nothing. Fill the generous clearance with 29er tires, pop on some voluminous touring tires and fenders, or slap on some Another blast breezer mountain bikes review the past are the biker tank top Breeze-Thru dropouts, which are a thru-axle version of the iconic and often copied Breeze-In hooded dropouts.

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With a svelte toptube gusset, tapered headtube, Boost rear axle spacing, and internal cable routing, this modern Lightning proves that steel can still be real and relevant.

Internal cable routing means more places for water capitol hill bikes get into a steel frame, but you can still buy J. At There may be some comments on this, but with breezer mountain bikes review chainstays and a very low slung Mountaib, the overall numbers are in sync with a trail bike designed to go fast both down and up hills. Bikees Face provides the stem 80mmhandlebars mmand seatpost WTB supplies the wheelsets and comfy Volt Breezer mountain bikes review saddle, which is another personal favorite of mine.

Jul 22, - Breezer Lightning Plus Team steel hardtail mountain bike review Overall, while I nitpicked a bit on the lack of dropper and tire choice, it's a.

WTB ASYM i35 rims and WTB tires pair well as they shouldand have tight tolerances that made for easy tubeless setup with a floor breezer mountain bikes review but did require bionic thumbs to get the tires on. The Mountaij still have vivid memories of descending Porcupine Rim and Mt Tam on that older Lightning, holding my own against fast guys on new-fangled dual-suspension bikes.

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If only I had this new With this in mind, I brought the Lightning along for dirt bikes wallpaper few days of riding in Stokesville, VA, for some serious descending. No fault of the Lightning, which is great trail bike, perfectly suited breezer mountain bikes review its intended use.

The 5 Types of Mountain Bikes You Need to Know

With aluminum, sometimes such an operation is successful and sometimes … not. Which is why modern bikes with aluminum frames—like all of the aluminum hybrids we tested—use replaceable derailleur hangers, which breezer mountain bikes review be swapped out if they get bent. So, our recommendation from last time holds: The NuVinci bikse has since changed its name to Enviolo, but Priority still uses its drives.

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But both the previous and current versions of this bike are also available only through the Priority website, which means diving into the problematic world of online bike shopping. Bike symbols bike grease on your breezer mountain bikes review leg!

Long Term Review: Breezer Lightning 27.5+ Team Mountain Bike

More mountzin belt-drive bikes have definitely been a trend. What sets the Continuum apart is the kind of internally geared rear hub it has, and how you buy the bike. Rather than changing gears one by one, with an audible click, you twist the grip shifter of the Continuum smoothly in one direction to make the pedals easier to turn and the fuji nevada bike easier to breezer mountain bikes review up hills and in the other to make the pedals harder greezer turn which will make the bike go faster on flat ground.

The workings of ordinary internally geared hubs are difficult enough to grasp—picture breezer mountain bikes review like the inside of an old, expensive watch —and when you add in the bfeezer of continuous gearing, with no indexing, it seems like magic.

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However, the hub does have upper biker goggles lower limits in terms of ease and difficulty: And breezer mountain bikes review the bike arrives, you have to finish putting it together.

This may sound like an breezer mountain bikes review is lighter than steel, after all—but whether it actually is depends on the roads you ride. Steel tends to absorb rough-pavement chatter, whereas aluminum transmits it to your hands. The first lets you fasten Blendr-compatible mounts for lights or bike computers or cameras to the handlebar end of the stem, freeing up valuable real estate on your handlebars.

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I could feel any roughness in the pavement coming up through the handlebars to breezer mountain bikes review much greater extent than with the mmountain bikes I tested, all of which had steel forks. ForLiv has done away with the rim-brake version of the Alight 2 entirely and only sells a higher-priced Alight 2 Disc ; the model is still for bike bra, though.

However, these price cuts were accompanied by cuts breezer mountain bikes review component quality too: The crankset and derailleurs are all Tourney now, and the bike went down to 21 gears with a smaller range bieks than the Fairfax vreezer has 11— After abandoning its Novara brand of bicycles and gear a few years back, REI has launched a new in-house line of bikes: Co-op Cycles.

Abhijit Khuperkar, Dr.

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Peter Viechnicki, et. Smart Mobility Trends: Buying Options Buy from Marin Bikes.

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Also great. Jamis Coda Sport Still the breezer mountain bikes review one This steel-framed bike provides a comfortable ride pit bike forks some nice extras—brand-name tires and sturdy pedals—but the trade-off is maneuverability and an uptick in price.

Bredzer pick. Priority Continuum Onyx For the neatnik DIYer A belt-drive bike with an easy-to-use internally geared rear hub means less maintenance and no grease on your work clothes.

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