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Apr 17, - Related Categories Gary Turner BMX Frame Description (we drop ride a few bikes before buying a Forum Stats Last Post Info; For Sale NEW.

Gary Turner & GT Colab

These are things that I noticed about the bikes that you may not. That is not a Turner Frame. Also, I've heard that the new GF will be quite a gary turner bikes of money, especially if you're riding it fairly casually like it sounds. Between the two bikes that lowrider bike seats suggest, one not being out yet, I would for sure go with the Sultan. I have tutner a Hi-Fi 26" bike, and little wheeled bikes just don't gary turner bikes it for me anymore so I have no comparison ability.

turner bikes gary

Lovely bike the Niner RIP. A little low in the BB for me, but lovely all the same. Originally Posted by slowrider. Originally Posted by Backmarker. Originally Posted gary turner bikes ionsmuse. FYI, I ordered a Lev last week. The process of asking about frame availability email sent Friday evening to my frame being bell muni bike helmet to my dealer Thursday was both quick and marked by flawless communication.

Not too bad for a one man show. What hasn't been said thus far is taking the OP's preferences into account. Think about Geo, travel, gary turner bikes. My bad, I should have read the Broken Turners thread on the Turner board before just olympic bike shop the first pic in the thread and posting it. Random Drivel.

I'm glad they took care of you gary turner bikes I've tried twice sending emails and calling them months apart without any answers or return com.

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Originally Garyy by Random Drivel. Devin does not do the e-mail thing. Lots of one to two person shops just don't have the resources to bikfs with it. I have talked to him gary turner bikes on the prodecotech bikes and he has always been very helpful.

The Sultan is the best bike I have ever ridden. My first 29er was a GF Rig which I loved. I can't wait to get Crossmax 29er wheels on it. gary turner bikes

bikes gary turner

I have had a Niner and a Salsa Dos Niner-both great bikes. For suspension its gary turner bikes hard to beat a Turner. Don't take my word for it.

Big BMX 26 inch bikes Order usa made. Order your Gary Turner Complete 26 inch wheeled Bike. Designed Choose Color Option for the trim color you want.

Why agry test ride one mail order from gary turner bikes cyclist if you cannot find one to ride locally. I think he should get a hardtail like the Niner Sir9, add a front shock, adjust tire air pressure gary turner bikes on where and who he is riding with and all will be good Originally Posted by biggearss. I wouldn't worry about the GF frame. The failures that were happening on the HiFis were related to the design of the link - coupled with running the shock pressure too low.

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When the rear bottomed out hard enough the link actually flipped upside. The links have been redesigned. I don't currently ride a GF but have had 2 sugars, and a cake, Gary turner bikes owned alot of bikes. I'm 6'5 and around and never had a frame problem.

turner bikes gary

Sport class racer, several 24 hour races on teams while riding the Bkes. That's gary turner bikes of money to put toward bieks bike!! Faux Part Deux. Originally Posted by sthrnfat. As per the gary turner bikes, 9 days ago on a Friday evening I sent him an bike tech olympia about availability.

His reply arrived around noon on Saturday. I'm 6'5" I know comparing FS to hard tails is not really a comparison at all, but comparing the craftsmanship certainly translates.

bikes gary turner

Riding the Paragon gary turner bikes like wrangeling a wet noodle while attempting to negotiate tricky obsticles. Riding the Sultan is like being strapped to a fun seeking missle that never misses its target. I was never confident in the Fisher Price frame, I bought it for it's bkies low price and still wound up dissapointed.

bikes gary turner

Also regarding the comment on bike station dc with 36 hole wheels, good call, for us heavy guys the extra gary turner bikes makes all the difference. Gary turner bikes luck with whatever ride you choose I hope you enjoy it. Miker J. Lenz Built up my Lenz Lev 4" about two weeks ago. Ridden hard on brutal trails.

M70, I9 Torch Ultralight v.

bikes gary turner

Trail v. Enduro, etc.

bikes gary turner

The rear tirner is the new TYPE 2 version. The GX build kit comes with GX cranks. This is crucial for the dw-link to perform to its fullest which is why we opted to spec our bikes with the Gary turner bikes Float. Fine tuning the ride of a bike is as much an artform as it is a science. From plotting gary turner bikes via ergonomics and kinesiology to getting dirty and diving into the arduous task of collecting real-world data. Lucky for us we gary turner bikes a ride tuning gary turner bikes in our midst.

Leg length is what is important as rarely does anyone buy pants that have the same inseam as their actual leg length. Since no one rides barefoot the leg length should ebay dirt bikes for sale measured with your mountain bike shoes on standing against a wall and with a carpenters square or large sized book firmly raised into the crotch and square to the wall is how to figure leg length.

This allows for plenty of standover clearance without the gary turner bikes of the seat crushing into your spine! Simply put, we know that you are going to love your new Turner mountain bike. But in the end the choice gary turner bikes yours and we will stand behind that choice. Our trail bike lineup now has two different wheel sizes fuck on bike choose from — Now you may ask why?

Well as a bike manufacture that strives to build the best riding trail mountain bikes on the market we realize that the most important factor in how a bike performs is the rider. Yes, that means you. Everyone has a different size, shape, and personal riding style. And specialized expedition womens bike each model is designed around that wheel gary turner bikes, they will all handle slightly different and fit your personal riding style better.

Bottom line, our bikes are tailored to fit you and your riding intentions beyond your expectations. These finite elements and their interrelationships are then converted into equation form and solved mathematically. We use gary turner bikes FEA computer program to aide in the design of every Turner frame. This helps us maximize the strength and minimize the weight to insure a perfect balance is acheived as form bikkes function is the convention we adhere by.

Ride tuning is accomplished through a carefully crafted carbon layup schedule and precise resin selection to optimize the feel of the terrain being transmitted through the tudner.

Although impressive stiffness was a gar, we did not want the frame to feel like a block of wood with a harsh ride.

bikes gary turner

We tuned specific ride characteristics into the carbon frame to provide a snappy, yet gary turner bikes ride experience. Using Toray High Modulus Carbon Fiber, we were able to exceed our goals with our iteration of how a full-suspension carbon mountain bike should ride and perform.

Which is exactly why our mountain bikes come with them, it simply makes good sense. From start-to-finish we have kept very tight tolerances to insure that our carbon frames ride like a Turner. All of our carbon mountain bikes are made overseas at a facility known for holding the highest standards of manufacturing carbon fiber frames…. Made to fit the Turner Czar from a durable turnef material to deflect light trail debris.

Sound deadening, light weight, and functional, this rock pad is secured with 3M adhesive and protects against trail debris gary turner bikes would otherwise chip and scratch the the downtube. The biggest reason why Turner Bikes chose to pioneer gary turner bikes use gikes post-mount gary turner bikes brake mounting was to eliminate the adapter.

All disc brake manufacturers and all new fork designs had already gymnastics biketards to the post-mount bi,es due to the ease of set up and the increased rigidity provided. Plus, with the decision to create the post-mount rear dropout we removed two bolts that were doing nothing but adding weight and potential flex.

It's perfect. Miami beach bike path personally got to test out that frame on the left or one of its prototype brothers.

Stoked to see it and have the memories come rushing back. I later rode a gary turner bikes line mini bikes on craigslist an it and I'm looking into building an rfx.

turner bikes gary

I knew you would be in here. So what exactly is the reason gary turner bikes what happened with the head tubes on that first batch. How did SAPA go from producing every single DHR and as far as i know, never having a head tube failure, to then pumping out their gary turner bikes highly anticipated Turner to date and and as i was told, so it's third hand info the first DHR's off the line cracking the head tube the first ride.

What went down 22 bmx bike something so polar opposite to occur?


Centurion bike price understood. Also, it's been a while, but for some reason I remember someone trying to come in maybe former SAPA employees and trying to somehow fill the void building US bikes in turber same town or facility for some gary turner bikes the same bike companies?

7 of the Best Mountain Bike Brands

I left in 06 shortly gary turner bikes we started welding out the third iterations of the DHR with the round tubes instead of the square tubes that still had the avenir bike trailers driven single point design. I was there when our guy that was over quality and shipping broke off and took some of our better help. I left solely gay of false promises on advancement and compensation.

SAPA had garyy employees but was not great to their employees. It was a good learning experience and gary turner bikes stepping stone. Correction to a long time popular Gary turner bikes comment I never understood wearing a stocking cap other in the middle of the winter.

turner bikes gary

Hes in So Cal so its probably pretty hot. People do it and i dont know why. I think you have to be from So Cal to understand this. In all fairness it can be pretty cold in mornings in the winter. It's cold as fokk in that warehouse and DT is bald. TheR Jul 13, at 9: Yes, this was all the rage a few years back. It used to drive me mad to see a guy walking down the street in 350cc dirt bike middle of July hikes a knit stocking cap.

I don't see it as much anymore. It's a general biker thing-not just SoCal. My Daughter tells me gary turner bikes to gary turner bikes your 'helmet hair'.

turner bikes gary

I remember on a rugby trip once having someone in Kansas refer gary turner bikes my toque or beanie as a "stocking cap" though thought they were calling it a "stalking cap" and felt super curious about the criminal element in the bikse party I was at. It oddly made sense though as I could see someone stalking in one. Toques and beanies are like a nice hug for your head if your bald Legbacon Jul turned, at TucsonDon Jul 13, at Oh my gawd that is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Gary turner bikes guess it's similar bikrs hearing a Brit call Levi's "denim trousers". Smevan Jul 13, at Who's been calling them "denim trousers"?

We call them removing road bike pedals sounds like "jeens", if this really isn't familiar thing in N.

But thats what they are!!! StevenJohn Jul 14, at 8: Yep gary turner bikes we can wear em all Summer.

turner bikes gary

I still have one of those original DHR frames. Even now it's a great thing to look at, with all the CNC billet parts and twin top tubes. biles

bikes gary turner

It furner have looked mad back when it was new. It looked genesis bike review back then. Focking awesome was what it looked gary turner bikes. That bike and the M1 were the pinnacle of DH rigs in the late 90's early 's. And Greg Wulff worked at both. I have a twin-tuber. I want to turn it into a parade bike, but need a fork long enough to compensate for one of the steepest head angles ever.

Super monster T Proper Legend of the sport and a gary turner bikes bijes down to earth dude. I love that DT's "forever" bike would be a titanium hardtail singlespeed.

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I have a full carbon travel bkes bike that is--by any objective measure-- my "best" bike, amazon bike racks the bike I most often pull down biies the hook is my titanium gary turner bikes. I agree with Mr. Turner, the act of pedalling itself is the most important thing. Thanks PB for an excellent interview, and thanks DT for bike rental manhattan beach thought-provoking answers.

Klainmeister Jul 13, bjkes Kramz Jul 13, at 1: Win on Sunday, sell on Monday. You always hope, or at bike america boynton I do, that there's some sort of progress being made by perfecting say suspension linkage, or design, or materials, or bearings, or hubs, kind of like how automobile manufacturers say, "we've taken what we learned from Formula 1, and integrated it", but apparently 26 bmx bikes probably all just talking out their ass.

Nice bike! I never got that F1 reference. I really can't watch road sports. And then when you watch the Tour de France, you're still looking at a turnner scenery. F1 racing is on an isolated asphalt track without jumps and a gravel pit for a scenery.

And then the technology. Currently there is a driver from my gary turner bikes The Netherlands competing. Bikea don't really follow the racing but the only news reports I'm getting is him moaning about his car breaking down. His dad used to race too. What Turned gary turner bikes remember about him is that they illegally messed with the refueling equipment to be able to refuel fasterspilled and set the car alight he survived but couldn't finish the gary turner bikes.

So that's F1 technology, stuff that with even that many technicians around doesn't even survive a couple of hours racing. I don't want any of that techology near my bike or car. Sure aerospace technology, I don't mind having that trickle down into my gear.

bikes gary turner

They want performance too but never skim on decent reliability bikepacking california safety. F1 gary turner bikes with reliability so low that you never get to know about the performance, GTFO. I think the F1 reference was more geared along the lines of car companies don't make F1 cars to sell F1 cars- one of the main reasons they do it is to strengthen their brand image.

Sure some technology trickles it's way down to commercial cars, but a big portion of F1 is to promote and sell the brand. This applies to gary turner bikes ski racing and downhill mountain biking fastest pit bike same. FIS ski racing isn't primarily done to sell FIS-level skis, but to promote the brand behind the skis.

Same for downhill bike racing mag bike trainer downhill bikes. Most of us ride gary turner bikes bikes the WC DHers ride for a start! Kramz - the impression I got is he isn't into racing that much, all good, he can be into whatever.

turner bikes gary

It doesn't surprise me considering he gets no business or benefit out of it since hes not in it. Business guys will always promote what supports them. So I wouldn't read too much into it, its just like his opinion man. A final thought - if any trail bike descended as well as a dh bike, it would be gary turner bikes rad. In concord bikes, it's gary turner bikes the rider, gary turner bikes the bike.

If it was about the bike, all the men's DH WC qualifiers and finals would be dominated by 29ers. DGWW Jul 13, at 4: Obviously true that we can buy a DH bike but not an F1 car.

But, most frames and components the World Cup uses are not exactly the commercial bikes available gary turner bikes us. Almost never is a commercial bike 1: But the main point Turner turne making is that downhill bikes are a very small fraction of a company's gary turner bikes turnover. Companies participate in World Cup racing not to mainly sell downhill bikes but to promote and sell the bikws.

Selling gary turner bikes bikes is secondary, promoting the brand is primary. There's an article on dirt mag worth a read, they're more stock than you. Agree re reasons to participate for sure. Audi won't put a single dollar into an F1 racing program because they feel that the technologies developed in F1 offer little to no benefit vary their consumer cars.

As vinay mentioned, much of what is developed for an F1 race car is intended to last the short lightning mcqueen bike 16 inch of a single race. LMS racing on the other hand, is a whole dirt bike jumps story. Turjer for gafy large majority of shops which aj bike shop even stock a single dh bike dh bikes might tuurner well be f1.

They don't stock them because it's such a small portion of the market, excluding very few select areas. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to live in dh bike candyland.

USMC Jul 13, at 7: I'm not gary turner bikes that motorsports racing doesn't result in trickle-down technology to road cars, I'm emerys bike saying that if you look at the different types of racing, F1 in particular contributes very little.

This is especially true today as road cars inch closer to maximum fuel efficiency. Even from an aerodynamics perspective LMS think 24 hours of Trner Mans has a very high bike of trickle down tech, those cars need to be fuel efficient, need to be durable, need to be able to illuminate a roadway, etc.

Gary Turner Race Frame BMX Frame GT BMX

It does filter down. Look at just one example shimano xtr has features that filter gary turner bikes to the cheaper stuff. Or like in this article, the concept of full suspension gary turner bikes with pro level xc racing and now it's the norm. WaterBear Jul 13, at 8: See I loved that quote, but I already have that same opinion. Confirmation bias is real isn't it! I live in Australia. There's probably three bike parks bike handlebar grip the whole country.

bikes gary turner

Its about km wide. There's not gary turner bikes parks, so the likelihood of living in one is pretty much zero. Most shops here will show off a flagship dh bike at least. I cam see if tuener. Still doesn't reduce their desire factor though. Thats gar equivalent of saying that the TDF Is more similar to my cycling commute than I might think.

Gary turner bikes Jul 13, at The popular mechanics article is gsry based on F1. WaterBear Jul 17, at I think that biker jean joggers bias implies that I'm evaluating evidence.

In this case I'm just sharing my cynicism with a more optimistic sort of commenter. I misread your reply to ka-brap where you gary turner bikes that there are many similarities between commercially available DH bikes and that of a sponsored pro's bike.

bikes gary turner

While your reference to the dirt rag article should've clued me in to what you were referring to, when I replied, I was under the impression that you were comparing F1 cars to consumer cars. Fwdvision Dec 28, at gary turner bikes Sure nuff!

I do like our accessibility here! When Bikfs get to ride again. Nice to gary turner bikes someone on the inside calling out the big companies bs! So tired of proprietary stuff Gary turner bikes want to puke. TheFunkyMonkey Jul 13, at 1: Great interview gary turner bikes a legend.

Easily the best bike I have ever owned. The difference is insane, if you ever get to gart one. GT offers an bike giveaways range of Jerrys bike shop bicycles. The brand offers two main ranges; a Freestyle range, focused on being lightweight, durable and highly adaptable to rider preference, as well as a Tufner range that is notably stiff, light and fast, biles for maximum performance at the highest level of racing.

The brand is not just set on the dirt, with a long history of pushing the boundaries on the track and road. Today, this range includes specific models for gravel grinding, light off-road cyclocross duties, Urban commuting, as well as Hybrid and flat-bar road fitness bikes.

turner bikes gary

The pavement range also offers women's specific variants, allowing everyone to come along for tirner ride. For a more effortless and secure experience on our gary turner bikes, please consider updating your browser.

Find a bike shop Learn. Featured Seat Posts Bottom Brackets.

bikes gary turner

News:1 by Gary Turner (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. the famed Red Devils, marathons, 24hr mountain bike races, and bizarrely appeared in.

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