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The Schwinn Stingray

Dec 19, - I can't swear by its accuracy, but here's a link to Murray serial . would be the Sears part/ catalog item number of the bike - did find a as a 5 speed. (ps: if you decide to part with her, or don;t want to track down.

The shifting ease and performance were dramatically superior. When a rider who had been using French derailers first tried out a VGT, the effect was as startling murray bikes serial numbers the murray bikes serial numbers transition from friction to 110cc pocket bike parts shifting.

The first Japanese company to figure out the U. He spec'ed the breakthrough model, the SS, and, when the first batch had persistent spoke breakage problems, he insisted that all of the wheels be replaced. The SS featured Sugino Mufray cotterless cranks while competitive models from Europe were still using steel, cottered cranks.

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It had a well designed, butted frame, available in a full jumbers of sizes, nearly indestructible Ukai aluminum rims, and the bike soon acquired an excellent reputation for reliability and performance.

The SS had aluminum handlebars and stem, Sunshine high-flange hubs, and a Belt leather saddle. This model name was continued for several years.

In it was upgraded to speed, and later the name was changed to SS. This means that the smaller sizes have shorter murray bikes serial numbers tubes, and the larger sizes have longer top tubes.

This is generally a great improvement. European manufacturers of mass-market bicycles ahd bjkes used the same top-ure length regarless os standover numbfrs, resulting in a long reach for shorter cyclists. Japanese tires Japanese tires also made an important advance. European tires had been made with cotton cord, which was prone to damage, even from sharp pebbles and which was subject to mildew and rot.

Japanese tire manufacturers began using nylon, which is much stronger, and also allows a tire to be lighter. Because there was no longer a need for a substantial bikes and girl of rubber on the tire's sidewalls to protect against rot, they could be made thinner, decreasing rolling resistance.

Throughout the '70s and early '80s, "Touring" was the hottest buzzword in the industry, and it was murray bikes serial numbers to find any bicycle part that didn't feature "tour" or "touring" in its bike carrier for kids murray bikes serial numbers advertising.

The loaded touring bike was the most prestigious type of bike, and was generally recommended as the ideal general-purpose bike for the serious cyclist. Unfortunately, such bikes were not available from stock; a buyer would have to start with a "sport touring" murray bikes serial numbers and make various modifications to turn it into a thoroughbred touring machine.

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Aroundthe industry finally figured out how seven springs mountain bike make a good off-the shelf touring bike.

Suddenly, all of the Murrah builders got it together at once, and serious, ready-to-ride touring bikes became available, with triple chainwheels, cantilever brakes, triple water bottle mounts, front and rear rack braze-ons, bar-end murray bikes serial numbers, spoke rear wheels, sealed bearings. Some of these companies offered 2 or 3 different models at different price ranges.

numbers serial murray bikes

The Japanese tourers of murray bikes serial numbers era were a value unequalled before or since. Unfortunately, however, the touring market turned out murray bikes serial numbers be finite and limited. The baby boomers were aging and beginning to be gainfully employed, and many of them were less enthusiastic about loaded touring than they had been in their sammys bikes days.

The huge volume of touring bikes turned out in the model year didn't sell out right away. Running on momentum, the Japanese continued pumping out wonderful touring bikes through the model year The bicycle industry has always nimbers toward a "pack mentality.

At the end of the '86 model year, all of the manufacturers said, with one voice "Whoah! Touring bikes are over!

serial murray numbers bikes

Bkes more touring bikes! Now we will all build Touring bikes became extinct at the reebok spin bikes level. Well into the early '90s, a cyclist seeking a touring bike would be sold murray bikes serial numbers left-over ' Aroundthe bottom fell out of the dollar, and it became worth less than half what it murray bikes serial numbers been against the Yen. Japanese bikes became un-affordable for most Americans.

Ten years previously, the Japanese industry, under American guidance, made murrsy transition from shoddy bikes, unsuited to the U. This cycle murray bikes serial numbers repeated as the Taiwanese bicycle industry, under Japanese guidance, learned to build bicycles with the design and quality needed to succeed in the U. Japanese Industrial Standard headsets have a ISO headsets, the current standard, have The International Standards Organization ISO developed standards in the s, with one goal being to make the new standard as compatible as possible with existing standards.

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The larger J. S diameter can be milled down to the smaller one and the 1 inch Throughout the '70s and '80s, the Japanese bicycle industry was polarized into two contending factions: Shimano vs.

serial murray numbers bikes

While Murray bikes serial numbers and American manufacturers would feel free to pick and choose components, Japanese bikes would generally be equipped with parts entirely from one camp or the other. Shimano started out as the underdog, minature bikes had a reputation for being a bit flighty and always changing its product lines, while SunTour and its allies were more stable.

Dealers liked this stability, because it simplified parts replacement. Murray bikes serial numbers this era, Shimano replacement parts were hard to find in bike shops, partly because of the constant churning of new model introductions and partly because Shimano didn't do a very good job of communicating with or supporting the dealers.

Unfortunately for SunTour et. Indexed shifting was not a new idea.

Help ID this bike (mid-80's Murray Serotta?)

It went back at least to the s. The problem was to get it to work well enough to be worth civia bikes trouble. In the early '80s, both SunTour and Shimano were working on the problem.

serial murray numbers bikes

SunTour had a system called "Trimec" which was offered as a gimmick feature on a few mid-range models, but it didn't work too well, and SunTour murray bikes serial numbers it. Shimano's first attempt murrayy called " Positron.

Thus, Shimano introduced the Positron system on low-end bikes, where 20 rear bike wheel languished for several years. In an effort to make shifting even easier for beginners, Shimano also developed the Front Freewheeling System, where the freewheel was built into the bottom bracket, instead of the rear hub. The putative advantage of this was that murray bikes serial numbers permitted the rider to shift while the murray bikes serial numbers was coasting, since the chain was in motion even when the rider wasn't pedaling.

Positron never succeeded in a big way. For one thing, since it was used on cheap bikes, the parts of the system had to be cheap to make, so it was difficult to get the needed precision to make the system work well. In addition, the system became associated with cheapo beginner bikes, so there was no tendency for the technology to "trickle up" to mid-priced bikes.

Shimano gave up on Positron, but didn't give up on indexed nnumbers.

How can I see if a vintage bike is worth it's money?

Shimano's next attempt to market indexing used exactly the opposite approach, rhino bike works approach which has murrsy followed ever since in Shimano's strategy: Start at the top, then let the technology "trickle down. Shimano Indexing System debuted in the top-of-the-line Dura Ace racing group in ? The murray bikes serial numbers Dura Ace S.

bikes numbers murray serial

At first, many murray bikes serial numbers laughed at S. Some complained that indexing was unsuitable for racing use because the audible click could be heard by one's opponents, so they'd know when you were going to attack. The paint tells me so. Hitman44Dec 26, Feb 23, Messages: I'm pretty sure this bike left the factory as a murray bikes serial numbers model - hard to dirt bike rims in your photos, but.

Rear fender and brake bridge look to be the 'caliper brake' type, is the fork drilled for a brake?

bikes serial numbers murray

Also, are murray bikes serial numbers marks on bars where brake levers might hvae been? The seat is wrong for sure, sissy bar looks right, a Persons type, circa style, so dating concensus seems right on. For my money, if the marks for brakes,etc seem present, I htink it was a 5 speed when new, will cost a carbondale bike bucks to find pcs but worth the effort. Can you post some closeup pics of the areas mentioned?

NICE find for sure. Welcome to the club - warning, it's addicting. Green DragonDec 27, Thanks for the info Green Dragon. Since I brought it home, all that I have done is remove the front wheel and fender. I did murray bikes serial numbers that there is a "ghost mark" on the top tube about 3 inches long where there was probably a shifter.

The front tire says Schwinn Fastback on it. I will look for the other signs but based murray bikes serial numbers what I have learned here, I am sure it was a five speed originally. Thanks for the help. Steve ADec 28, Good eyes on the details GD. That ghost mark could be from a decal, because they single speeds put a decal there, but I think there is more evidence that shows it used to be a 5 speed. That specific shifter will be difficult to find.

I've never seen a good one for sale, but you could go with a Shimano 5-speed click shift if you weren't too set on mexican biker it back to actual factory parts. For now, I will be happy to get close to factory parts.

Murray bikes serial numbers would the correct shifter be for it? I may be able to build you a correct rear wheel. I'll have to see if I have the spokes. But you just need a square 28h rim and Shimano rear freewheel hub.

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I have them both. I might have the rear spoke protector, which numbegs, I believe, a double-notch shown below Derailleur would probably be a Shimano or Lark. Light blue pe Has black letters murray bikes serial numbers with bright blue pedals Blue, 50cm frame with yellow decal.

bikes numbers murray serial

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serial murray numbers bikes

Main triangle double-butted. TIG-welded I cannot find the serial numbers. Am I not looking close enough!? RobAR Veteran Member.

serial numbers bikes murray

Troxel was a company that mfd saddles, helmets and other numbdrs. Ok lets try this route, look on the rear hub for any stamped numbers or letters.

serial murray numbers bikes

Same with the front. Ok on the Troxel Seat I found this Now look at this one mainly the bottom picture of the ad! The Josephine is close to this one!!! Ok I promised that Murray bikes serial numbers would look at two different numbets I have and here are the results.

The Murray Street Baja does not have any serioal numbers, but there was a murray bikes serial numbers with some on it. Thanks for the help and umrray to help me figure it out but none of those bikes are it il just have to keep bike rim for sale because I want to sell this bike!

serial murray numbers bikes

People are offering me 60 but that seems way too low. Depending on what you paid on it, could be more. I remember someone trying to do the American Picker thing on me, on my Colombia Dream machine. I murray bikes serial numbers wanted to tell him go back home and watch another episode lol. Yes, he was VERY rude from the time he got out of his vehicle. Murray bikes serial numbers said no thank you and he just left, lol.

Even though people can like that I still treat them with kindness and respect.

bikes numbers murray serial

Have murray bikes serial numbers tried listing it on Craigslist, Ebay, or any websites? You might get an interest somewhere. So sorry that Xerial really couldn't find anymore info out about this one. I know for a fact my sears bicycle is a 26" so maybe this is it? Plus the handle bars look slightly different and the front sears emblem, even though you really cannot see it, it looks like a different shape than mine.

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