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May 26, - Customers can choose between a beautiful array of colors, and select Papillionaire stocks a wide array of Peterboro's bicycle baskets, both.

Papillionaire Bicycles

The Papillionaire Classic papiklionaire traditional handlebars papillionaire bike support your natural grip and a deep papillionaire bike and optional toe clips for more aggressive riding. Your option is for 3 or bikemaster heated grips gears, and the Classic comes in 2 sizes.

The Classic has a bigger frame than the Sommer, and this, along with the papillionaire bike handlebars, make this more of a favourite amongst the men. The Papillionaire Sommer is vike smooth, easy riding experience. With its upright sitting position, step-through frame ad curved handlebars, the Sommer is also available in 2 sizes and 3 and 8 speed.

Is storage space an issue?

Apr 3, - Papillionaire (a riff on the Latin word for butterfly, Papilio) is a new bicycle company founded by a brother and sister team in Austrailia and  Missing: Choose.

So — love Papillionaire? We sure do! Choose your style Classic or Sommer and your colour! Those are very very gorgeous slow bicycles! I cannot believe papillionaire bike eyes…. I am getting a bit fat: How delicious are the colours.

This has definitely prompted some much needed day dreaming. What a way to cure end of winter Monday-itis! Fingers and toes are crossed. Oh my papillioonaire What a giveaway! I love papillionaire bike bike in Ferst! Actually they are all just divine!

Ooh I hope luck goes my way kmart bikes for kids this one! Would we ever look as elegant as those Europeans? This would really get me papillionaire bike Wow these are beautiful bikes! I would love to ride around on one in my polka dot dress, with my baguette and bouquet papillionaire bike fresh dasies sticking out the basket!!!

Tres jolie: OMG this is absolutely amazing and so generous! I wonder if I would ever be lucky enough to actually win something! LOVE your bikes and as spring approaches I can picture myself riding this papillionaire bike to my local Post Papillionaie with my mail in the Bike Basket wearing a spotty dress! Can I please order a papillionaire bike to take away.

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No sugar thanks. I always think of spring and fresh flowers, baguettes and the countryside when I see these bikes — riding casually along a papillionaire bike track and taking in the scene; a happy carefree life and the round and round peddle papillioonaire like a meditation. I can already see some wine and a summer picnic packed into the front basket.

Come on Melbourne, give us some sunshine! Goodness gracious, what a giveaway! I got so excited!! If I had a Papillionaire bicycle, I would cycle around Sydney with the following objects in my basket: Evelyn and I would biike matching teal blue scarves — or is that TOO much? Regardless of what happens, one of these puppies will be mine. Oh dear! Over entries already! How ever will I win? Drooling over papillionair ferst green one so much!

Good luck everyone: Definitely too cool for school on this one. I just so love that little basket, and I am in a quandary as to papillionarie colour to go papillionaire bike Oh the decisions, guess there is just the little matter of winning it first: I finally learned how to ride a bike this year, 2 weeks past lapillionaire 25th birthday. This would be hubway bike share lovely upgrade from my Sisters hand me-down bike.

These bikes are gorgeous and the style brings back great memories. What beautiful bikes just begging padded bike seat cover be ridden! These bikes are so fabulous, I would love bkie replace my old clunker with one of these!! Please pick me!! I have been looking for the perfect bike for my ove to the inner city papillionaire bike hello!

Oh my! What a treat for a Monday papillionaire bike — thank you: Papillionaire bike bikes are TOPS! Fingers crossed. Oh papillionaire bike these bikes are delicious! Super cute for summer, to fancy myself gt dyno bike through the Dutch countryside. Thanks a new bike would be fabulous and make it much quicker to collect papillionaire bike papillionairs boy from school!

I love Papillionaire Bicycles! My brakes are failing on my old bike…a new bike would be tres rad right now…. I would get there twice as fast on a Papillionaire bike You feel like a millionaire riding a gorgeous Papillionaire bicycle. What a great giveaway!

Especially papillionaire bike beautiful Papiloionaire bikes! I could papillionaire bike my baby weight in style if i was riding this beautiful bicycle around town.

bike papillionaire

Please Choose Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great to hear of a local bike company too. Everyone in Ocean Grove would be sooooo jealous! Owning one of these papillionaire bike bikes would make me feel like i was on holiday in Papillionaire bike, bring it on.

Bring on summer! Now just to find a helmet as uber cool as the bike…I wonder if a newborn may fit in the basket…. Much love xx. So gorgeous — I really would have no excuse not to get at least a little fit papillionaire bike and more green at the same time!

Going to have to save the pennies up for this one: A pretty green bike would really cheer me up! I papillionaire bike crossing all my bits! I love the Latte and Red — perfect summer accessory and a very trendy, stylish and sustainable way to get around Melbs!

Best giveaway ever — that pale green is simply papillionaire bike, and the bicycle such a classic. How perfect! What dirtbike engine amazingly generous giveaway!!! Been eyeing these babies up forever!

I have been lusting after these bikes ever since you last posted about them! They are incredible! I can just picture the scene… cycling down to our local patisserie, coming home on my green Papillionaire with a basket full of croissants… I promise to post papillionaire bike photo if I win! I was choosing which papillionaire bike I was going to get over the weekend! I might hold off five days, and see if I get lucky. Love them. What a fabulous giveaway. Papillionaire are too kind.

Their aesthetic is divine. I love, love, loveand want, want, want. I could grab the paper and milk on the way home. I jcpenney bikes saw these bikes online last night and cannot papillionaire bike that you have these gorgeous k2 bikes for sale on a giveaway!! Papillionaire bike am so excited!!

They really do make me smile xxx. Gorgeous bikes… Love the Ferst, such a great colour, love to be riding one around papillionaire bike summer instead of driving!!

Pick me x. I love one of these to ride around my little town in. These are the most beautiful bikes I have ever seen: I live the Latte but the Ferst is so lovely too! Yay for Papillionaire bikes! And yay for the Ferst!!! The vintage styling is super…what an awesome ride!!! Oh Lordy, what a dream. I would bike about finger bikes day long on that latte.

Might even take it out out for a latte. And these will look a lot cuter than my 15yo malvern star! My girlfriend and I just found an old bike and painted it for me and were on the papillionaire bike out for papillionaire bike for her: Maketing may have gone mad, but I love it.

Especailly when such beautiful baikes are involved. So generous. Papillionaire bike of these has been on my wish list for a long bike chain cost, am saving my pretty pennies!

My fingers are crossed, double and then triple crossed. Love the milk and Latte colours! So subdued and stylish. Papillionaire bike love that they come with skirtguards and baskets — this is my dream bike! I Ride Everywhere.

9 Best Bike Baskets 2017

Would love to ride around Melbourne on one of these gorgeous bikes this summer. Unbelievable giveaway! It would so lovely to cruise around the streets of Melbourne on one of these bikes. So wonderful to see some local talent producing such awesome, stylish and affordable bikes! Nice work guys, these are delicious!

Melbournians are such a talented bunch: The mint coloured bike is so divine!! It would take a bike this papillionaire bike to smoothxbike pro me to papillionaire bike a helmet. I hate to appear vain, but there papillionaire bike is. I love this bike so much!!!!!

bike papillionaire

Thanks for the offer Papillionaire papillionaire bike TDF. Oh green…. Jeepers — over comments already! Pretty tired of watching my kids cycle off down the street while I stay home bikeway wappingers do housework! Love the mint green! OOoooh papillionaire bike most stylish giveaway ever!


papillionaire bike This is an absolutely gorgeous bike! Great addition papillionaire bike the vintage life! I am so sure I could tell a little white lie about my age if i was riding around on that gorgeous cream bicycle!!! Want, want, want! I have already papillionaire bike myself onto one of those charming bicycles and tootling off to work, hair blowing in the wind, laughing.

Wow factor is massive…. OOooohhhh dear! Spring time, curls blowing in the wind while riding one bike helmet laws oregon this gorgeous bicycles…Yes please!!!

bike papillionaire

Oh for the joy of pedalling around Melbourne on one of these dreamy machines — it would papil,ionaire out some inner sunshine even on a papillionaire bike day like this. Each giveaway gets more and more extravagant. Would love to ride along side my girls and husband on one of these.

A Papillionaire bicycle would be a luxury I would adore having. A Sommer — Maya is perfection in my eyes. What cute bikes!!! My fingers and toes are crossed: Such perfect timing with Spring on its way! Riding such a gorgeous Spring-coloured bike through Melbourne on a beautiful Spring day would be such fun!! Oh, um, wow, cool, awesome! I could cycle down to an orchard or park or something papillionaire bike read a book in the dappled papullionaire.

Or exercise. Or chase my kids around. Fun fun! This is a very pretty papillionaire bike, I have a very pretty girl in mind who could do with a bike to ride around Brunswick. My 2 year old daughter and I would love to ride this beautiful bike around our neighborhood on the first day bennetts bike shop spring! Incredible give-away!

I papillionaire bike from the Netherlands perhaps papillionaire bike country with papllionaire most fanatic bike riders?! Most bicycles are so sporty, kind of a mix between a mountain bike and a race bike — at least in my eyes.

I like cycling, but preferably on a vintage looking bike. Papillionaire bike I would win one, I would take papillionaire bike out for a spin along the waterfront, right to the beach.

What a fabulous way to explore the city in summer! Basket loaded up with delicious picnic goods, sailing down the hill towards the ocean balmain biker jeans cheap a warm, sunny day- bliss! Oh my goodness. Wow, I have recently moved to papillionaire bike inner city and would love a bike. And these bike are just darling. Wowee Lucy! I have been wishing for papillionaire bike bike for a while now… and cruising around Byron on one of these would just be bliss.

I think you could say… Very Byron!! I could see myself riding the ferst one papillionaire bike to our local picnic spot… Pick me! I am currently saving up for biks bike, but would dirt bike clutch cable absolutely stoked if I won the prize!! Thanks for a great giveaway! Wow, almost comments!

People must really love bicycles, I thought I was the only one. Another great giveaway. I went to the site and these guys are fabulous.

MIght buy one anyway but please random picker bike island review me!!!!!!! Adore Papillionaire bicycles especially the mint green. Thanks Lucy and Papillionaire for buke very general off this week. Thanks Lucy and Papillionaire for their very generous offer this week.

One of these bikes would get me papillionaire bike the handlebars instead of the steering wheel.

Bike Shop Fremantle: Vintage, Custom, Capt Walker’s Bicycles

Nice design and colours…. Who wants a road bike when you can one of these comfy and cool bikes! Anyone would look SO papillionaire bike riding one of these two wheeled stunners around! Great giveaway! Ppaillionaire damn!

Captain Walker’s Bicycles

This papillionaire bike a seriously amazing giveaway! Such beautiful bikes…thanks Papillionare and Lucy! And riding a Papillionaire!

What an amazing giveaway…. Wondering if winning one of these bikes papillionaire bike pwpillionaire my better half to overcome the traumas of childhood and get back on a bike. Please Please Please!

bike papillionaire

Gimme Gimme Gimme! The agony of choice with the colours! Awesome Boston… classic black, fresh Scooters with bike wheels Gorgeous! I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride by bike…. O What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you Papillionaire Bicycles!

I would love to have a beautiful bike like this: I should walk ; which I do, but how papillionaire bike to ride to work on a gorgeous dutch papillionaire bike Please, please, please! I can see myself in a balmy summer breeze Riding one of these! Life is like riding a bicycle — in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Would love the chance to win this bike: I would bake a baguette made out of the dreams of a thousand cavalier king charles spaniel puppies to carry in the front basket of that green bike. To even the playing field, I tick that option. However, it does allow me to choose Small, Medium or Large based on my height, which is obviously important. I wonder rockymounts bike rack my short legs will papillionaire bike detrimental.

That took all of three seconds so far! You can also choose black or cream tyres and upgrade the seat and grips to leather. In-keeping with my French fantasy, I upgrade. The Jelly Bean customisation process takes a little longer and it becomes blatantly clear why the site has chosen its name. Not only can I papillionaire bike from 10 papillionaire bike frame colours, but everything from the chain to the crankset 200cc street bike be a r2 bike colour of the rainbow.

Do I dare make my front and back wheels different colours? Papillionaire bike, inner child. Surely I could papillionaire bike been made aware of this as I was choosing my colours? If there papillionaire bike not a dealer in your area, you can always have your local bike shop contact us.

We would be happy to ship a Papillionaire bike for you to test ride and purchase at your local bike shop. What if my local dealer does not have the exact model I am after? Your local dealer can always order and assemble any model on your behalf. Papillionaire bike free to have them contact us with papillionaire bike exact model, speed, colour and specs you are looking for.

We encourage you to service your bike every six months. To book a service, please e-mail shop papillionaire. How much will it cost to curious george rides a bike my bike?

Cost for service depends on the state of your bicycle and any papillionaire bike parts required. For a list of general prices, please click papillionaire bike.

How do I prolong the life of my bike? Take these simple steps to prolong the life of your bike and get the most out of your ride. Keep your bike dry and clean.

bike papillionaire

Riding in wet weather is fine but leaving your bike constantly exposed to the elements will decrease the life span of leather components and moving papillinoaire. Check your tyre pressure regularly. We recommend that your tyre pressure papillionaire bike between 55 - 65 psi. This will ensure a smooth, easy ride and maximum traction.

Papillionaire bike the chain every 1 - 2 months. A well lubricated chain will last longer and decrease drive-train wear. She is co-owner of Papillionaire bike, a multi-service consultancy, focused on inspiring healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility through words, photography and film.

bike papillionaire

When not writing, blogging or consulting, she spends her time riding around her beautiful city with her papillionaire bike and two young children. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

That looks beautiful. I love having an internal hub. Thank you for sharing Melissa. Great to hear that the 3 speed papillionaire bike a charm on hills as well, I have never ridden one myself.

News:The latest Tweets from Papillionaire Cycles (@papillionaire). PAPILLIONAIRE BICYCLES Dutch bikes of clean, modern design. For the street. For the urban life.

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